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ShinySpy FAQ

Can I use HTML or markup in posts?

  Yes, you can use the following BBCODE tags:

  [s]Spoiler[/s] which gives this: Spoiler
  [i]Italics[/i] which gives this: Italics
  [b]Bold[/b] which gives this: Bold
  [u]Underline[/u] which gives this: Underline
  [h]Heading[/h] which gives this: HEADING
  [t]for Strikethrough[/t] which gives this: Strikethrough

How on earth do you operate this imageboard?

It's straightforward. Just some things you have to remember...
  • A new thread requires an image to post.
  • Replies don't require an image to post.
About the post form:

The post form has two modes. New thread mode, and reply mode. The image above is in new thread mode (since the submit button says "Submit New Thread"
  • You don't have to use a name.
  • The "Subject" field only applies to replies and doesn't appear in the new thread form.
  • A comment or a file is required in a reply.
  • You may post a file from your device via the "File" field.
  • Or, you may attach an image via its URL via the "Remote" field.
  • Or, you may embed a YouTube video link via the "Embed" field.
  • I don't know what might happen if you do all three :)
  • The password field contains a randomly generated password which you can use to delete a post. It must be your own post. If you've cleared your cache/cookies in your browser, you will lose that password. You may always just enter your own personal password there, and it will be stored. That way if you clear your cache/cookies, it'll still work for deleting posts.
About posting:

The above image is labeled. The labels mean:
  1. Click this "-" mark to collapse (hide) a thread.
  2. The name of the file on this imageboard. Click this link to open the file in a new window. Click the actual image thumbnail to expand the image inline.
  3. Details about the file you attached, including file size & image dimensions.
  4. The original file name of the attached file.
  5. The Subject of the thread (above the E), and the text content of the post (below the E).
  6. The name you used when you posted. If no name is specified, the name defaults to "Anonymous".
  7. Click/copy this to link to the exact post.
  8. Clicking this will link to this post in a new reply. If the post form isn't visible (e.g: you're scrolled down the page) the Quick Reply form will open. It is a hovering form which you can move around the page.
  9. Click this red [Reply] button to reply to a thread.
  10. If there are more than 3 replies to a thread, they are hidden by default. Click this link to expand all of the replies to this thread.
  11. This is a reply. The poster attached a file, but didn't post any text in the body.